An entertaining illustrated deep dive into muscle, from the discovery of human anatomy to the latest science of strength training. Read more…

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Read excerpt from Chapter One, Discovery and Description: Muscle Monikers

One thought on “Bones Introduces Its New Companion, Arriving July 25

  1. Hello, Dr. Meals.

    Congratulations on another accomplishment! You are truly amazing!!
    I would like to order both books, for my great nephew, Truman, for his 9th birthday, July 13th. He’s in 2nd grade, extremely bright, athletic and artistic. ALL boy!! He loves to read and is at a 5 th grade reading level, tutoring his classmates ! I’m sure he will be able to begin these even though he’s young! ! His mother is my niece. His father was Summe cum laude, former football star at APU. Clearly Truman has been blessed with his intelligence.
    I’m honestly hoping, it lights a fire within him to become interested in medicine! Would love you to share how you became interested in becoming a surgeon and if it’s possible to influence a youngster like Tru!
    In addition to the two books, I would so appreciate if you personalized them and signed them as well!
    Thank you so much! You fascinate me, Dr Meals. I hope your wife, your children, and your grandchildren, appreciate you because they are so fortunate to have such a kind, gentle, brilliant man in their lives!
    Patty Bonomo

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