Three years ago today, the first post, Why Bone, appeared at

The inaugural post concluded with: “I will compare bone to sewing thread, Tootsie Pops, licorice sticks, and jazz. … Learning should always be fun, which is easy when telling this story. … The blog is an opportunity to extol the wonders of bone as it supports life and captures history. Let me know if you have questions or if there is some aspect of this wonderful substance that you would like to learn more about.”

Now 79 posts later, AboutBone remains true to its original vision. Early on, I was concerned about eventually running out of topics. No way! Between the leads I find and ones that readers send me, I have enough topics that I could hammer your in box with a new announcement weekly. But as enduring and endearing as bone is, we DO have other things to attend to. So I plan to continue to post a new article every 2-3 weeks.

Looking back: Here are five of the most popular posts, whose topics span 3.2 million years from anthropology and the history of anatomy to a thriving 19th century bone business, a 20th century orthopedic mistake with serendipitous results, and a space-age interplanetary application.

Looking forward: After an eight-year incubation, BONES, Inside and Out, will launch October 20. An audiobook version and translations into Korean and Russian will soon follow along with several podcast interviews and virtual book signings. Advance praise for BONES includes:

  • I loved this book. It has everything I want in science writing: plain explanations, conversational tone, a little bit of the author’s journey, and a fair amount of humor. Goodreads
  • An expansive and lively treatment of a material most of us take for granted. Kirkus, starred review


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